SMART Mini 2550 HDMI Zero Client

Connect and Control multiple screens from a single PC over your existing LAN

Using a SMART 2550 HDMI over LAN zero-client with Monitors Anywhere Connect creates a totally new concept in digital signage.


Monitors Anywhere Connect allows you to control the content of multiple displays from a single PC.Using a HDMI over LAN zero-client, Monitors Anywhere Connect creates a totally new concept in digital signage. All that is required to control hundreds of displays is a single PC with a low-cost zero-client for each display. Monitors Anywhere software allows you to establish full control over all displays, individually and collectively.

Monitors AnyWhere Connect uses HDMI over LAN zero clients technology. Zero Clients replace graphic cards and connect a central computer to each display, through a local network. Monitors Anywhere Connect makes use of Windows ‘Extended Desktop’ Mode, through which different content can be displayed simultaneously on multiple displays which are controlled by one computer.

Each zero client has its own unique IP address permitting Monitors Anywhere Connect to communicate directly between the PC and the displays – No additional hardware is needed

Using our dedicated software you can search the network and connect the HDMI over LAN zero clients just like adding physical display adaptors!

Smart Station SMART ZERO CLIENT are best suitable for Education, Small & Medium Scale Industries, SOHO,Hospitals, Chartered Accountants, and Traders


Smart Zero Client Has No Extra Software, Drivers, Operating Systems, CPU, Power Supply Or Memory But Only Contains The Necessary Hardware To Initialize A Conversation With The Network, Begin Network Protocol Processes, And Display Server Output. It Centralizes All Software, Processing And Management To Just What Is Running On The Server, Leaving Little More Than A Keyboard And Monitor At The User’s Desk. It Is A Highly Impacted, Small And Green Devices That Consumes Less Than 5 Watts Energy, Generates The Lowest Heat & Carbon Footprint, And Lasts As Long As 7-10 Years



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